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The following documents are avalaible for download as .doc or .pdf, please click the links:
Cahuenga Green Stage Festival Proposal.doc Cahuenga Green Stage Festival Proposal.pdf
3.10 Green Stage Resolution.doc 3.10 Green Stage Resolution.pdf
7.13 Zero Waste Resolution.doc 7.13 Zero Waste Resolution.pdf

Zero Waste Resolution.doc

Zero Waste Resolution.pdf

2007 Zero Waste Proposal.doc

2007 Zero Waste Proposal.pdf

Zero Waste Caucus Registration.doc

Zero Waste Caucus Registration.pdf

Green Greetings,

Imagine turning a parking space into a park for just one day. Join us in celebrating Park(ing) Day LA, Friday September 21, 2007 from 10 am to mid-afternoon. Come over to this eco-art installation where we will be discussing the final draft for celebrating next Sunday October 7th 2007 the ZERO WASTE CAUCUS of the 2nd National Latino Congress in Los Angeles Downtown Sheraton Hotel.

I am the facilitator for the Green Stage Alliance presenting the Zero Waste Caucus. You may review the attached documents and give me your feedback or initiatives by next Friday September 21. You may email me if you are not able to join our Park(ing) gathering in Hollywood.

The Green Stage started April 22, 2006 with the XII Eco Maya Festival staged at Los Angeles State Historic Park as an educational art program for zero waste services to California events and public gatherings. This one year pilot program concluded April 22, 2007 presenting at the same park the Green Stage Show.

During my research I was influenced by the 2005 San Francisco Urban Accords Declaration and the Zero Waste International Alliance. But I was specially touched by the mix of spirituality, agriculture and the arts as experienced working with the Satya Yuga artists collective in the Green Stage Show.

My zero waste model is the City of Oakland where I lived a great fusion of civil participation leading the use of biodegradable new products from the next door resident to the City Mayor. The key documents for following the Oakland model are attached (click here to download .zip file or click here to see the different documents).

Please review also the attached Green Stage Preliminary Proposal and join us for the Zero Waste Caucus. The Green Stage Alliance is a lobbing organization which universal principles will be set by the Caucus next October 7th, 2007. You may join now as individual or organization and you will be able to attend the National Latino Congress from day one (Friday, October 5 through Tuesday, October 9th,2007). Individual registration to the Congress is $100.00, you pay only $25 as Observer from the Green Alliance and you may bring several people from your organization.

To join in the Green Stage Alliance, send an email to stating your affiliation and commitments to the ecology and cultural development.


Jorge Luis Rodriguez

Many Cultures, Zero Waste

5273 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027,

Directions: In front of the Thai Patio: www.Park(ing)

-Stage of the Arts, Inc. -Singer/Musician Elson Trinidad
-Thai Community Development Center -East Hollywood Neighborhood Council

10 AM to mid-afternoon

Came over to this Hollywood Park(ing) camp(ing) to find out about the Zero Waste Caucus of the National Latino Congress, the new Earth Machine and your participation to helping establish our zero waste goals and objectives for Los Angeles and the region.... – JOIN THE GREEN STAGE ALLIANCE

Jorge Luis Rodriguez, Speaker
Kathleen Roman, Delegate

P.O.Box 26688, Los Angeles, California 90026

Phone/fax: (323) 662 3750


You may register your organization, business or sign as individual to join in the Zero Waste Caucus by just paying a $25 (regular $100) and attend the entire event from day 1 (October 5th to 9th, 2007).

Your organization may became a Green Stage Partner by contributing $500 and hosting one table of 10 at the Caucus breakfast and signing in for a Partner Assignment. “Hosting a table means that your name will be at the actual breakfast table and you may facilitate for a Working Group 30 mints session at the end of the program.

Partners’s Assignments may be:

· Taking care of printing 200 Green Stage Alliance informational packets for the Zero Waste Caucus.

· Taking care of recording and editing a digital video of the Zero Waste Caucus.

· Providing coffee and bakery goods, service to the actual Caucus breakfast.

· Providing environmental Green Stage Alliance for lobbying at a specific City, Congress or governmental body at local, national or international level.

· Any other assignments you may propose.

You may became a Presenting Sponsor of the Zero Waste Caucus by contributing $5,000 and get all promotional credits as underwriter.

CHECK for full information about the GREEN STAGE ALLIANCE, where arts and humanities meet with our environment.

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