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    APRIL 22 & 23, 2006

    Eco-Maya Festival, an environmental hemispheric event, connects the indigenous cultural heritage of the Americans, with the urban mecca diversity, Los Angeles California. A one of a kind event, the festival provides a cross-cultural nesting environment where families join in a two-day celebration of cultural, education, entertainment, and fun. The festival brings universal balance with all cultures through the celebration of Mother Earth Day.

    Eco-Maya Festival ties families to daily quality of life educational opportunities as well as promoting conservation of the ecology and biodiversity of our environment. Since the most ancient times, the Mayan people continue to have great respect for the environment and the conservation of their natural resources. The Mayan experience provides the path to a healthy and safe living that brings awareness of the transforming hemispheric heritage in the USA. This transformation represents the largest ethnic group in the nation…Latinos. In California, polls confirm the Latinos have the highest level of support in the state-averaging over 80% for protecting the environment.

    Eco-Maya Festival originated in 1995 and is recognized throughout Southern California. Its uniqueness ties with the recognized Earth Day in the U.S. It is the only Latino environmental festival that reinforces the need to create awareness if environmental networks and resources for urban community sustainability through cultural heritage.

    Eco-Maya Festival, has earned the support of the City of Los Angeles City Council and Cultural Affairs Department, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, Department of Water and Power, Los Angeles City College, local media, corporate sponsors and numerous dedicated volunteers. We invite you to join the celebration of Latino environmental stewardship, family, humanity and world peace.


    • ECO Circle: The Mother Earth, center of the festival features environmental public education outreach on energy, waste, and water conservation, clean air, pollutants, pesticides, trash free coastal and state parks, wild life preservation, recreation and Latino families, oil recycling, waste prevention at home, environmental health and communities for healthy ecosystems.
    • ECO Maya “Para los Ninos” (For the Children), activities for children include face painting, ecosystem painting wall using recycled paint, and featured games that help children understand the importance of recycling and conservation.
    • Classic Marimba Gathering.
    • Feria de Danzas Folkloricas (Folkloric Dance groups reflecting our community’s youth, families and elders).
    • Artisans showcase their arts and crafts.
    • Concert promoting: Protection of the Mother Earth-Planet. Peace, No Violence and No to Drugs.