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photo of Bobby Matos by Helene Barbara

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LifeForce Jazz recording artist and Latin jazz icon Bobby Matos
has been awarded an "Artist In Residence" grant from the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs. Matos will be balancing his busy performing and touring schedule to lead an "Afro Latin Jazz Workshop Band" in a series of free weekly workshops and rehearsals hosted by Stage Of The Arts, Inc.

The purpose of the Afro Latin Jazz Workshop residency project is to addresses the misinformation and lack of education about the Latin jazz genre, one of the most important and vibrant forms of jazz today. "We're aiming at those musicians who trained in High School and College jazz bands, and never got the grounding in Latin jazz," says Matos. "Of course, we're accepting other musicians that have the desire to play Latin jazz."

The audition process begins in September. Students with a letter of recommendation from their school band director will not have to audition. The basic requirement is competency on any instrument and the ability to learn and play band arrangements, fax recommendation letters to (323) 662-3750.

The Saturday classes have 3 components. The first focuses on the important functions of the Afro Cuban percussion section. The second clarifies the rhythmic figures that are the "keys" to unlocking the "codes" of Latin music for all instrumentalists. It will also give students a historical perspective by screening video performances of many of the masters of the genre. The third section is devoted to learning and rehearsing classic latin jazz arrangements by these same masters.

The project schedules 20 weekly workshops and rehearsals and 5 performances in Los Angeles community venues. Interested students can contact Stage of the Arts, Inc. at 213 662 3750 or email to arrange for auditions at our Hollywood location.

Bobby Matos is an award winning Latin jazz artist who performs frequently with his Afro Latin Jazz Ensemble. He follows 6 critically acclaimed CDs for the Ubiquity/Cubop label with 4 groundbreaking releases for LifeForce Jazz. His latest recording, "Gratitude" is in stores and online as of August 2007. "Gratitude" features a wide range of Latin jazz sounds that reflect influences from Cuban Charanga to John Coltrane. The members of the ensemble contribute 8 originals reflecting inspiration from their families and their musical heroes. There is also a thoroughly latinized version of an old standard that becomes a danzon-mambo, and 3 classic tunes from Miles Davis, Tito Puente, and NY Charanga hero, Lou Perez.

Stage of the Arts, Inc. is a 501 (c ) (3) California Educational corporation founded 1982 in Los Angeles, sponsoring the Afrocuban Research Institute to promote education and research on the Afrocuban transnational arts.



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