OG Radiotron
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GREEN STAGE presents
9/11/2010 Peace & Love Avándaro

GREEN STAGE Earth Day Festival
April 21 & 22, 2007


Los Angeles State Historic Park:
Grand Oppening

September 23, 2006

The Old Man and The Sea

July 2 , 2006


April 22 &23, 2006
ECO Maya Festival Celebrating our culture and protecting our Mother Earth.


Radiotron 2022


LA Levitt Pavilion
Stage of the Arts/Generation Hip Hop Global
39th Anniversary of RADIOTRON Dedicated to Peace

June 24th 2022 - 6pm-10:00pm
MacArthur Park Bandshell

Hosted by
Carmelo Alvarez, Toquon Tha MC & Ashley Alvarez
Egyptian Lover
Kid Frost & DJ Soullife
MC Toddy Tee & DJ Mix Master D
Sin Loc
Grans Official - Grip, Dose & DJ Hallucin8
DJ Ralph M
MC's Las Bruxas Brew
MC LeLann
Subs and Eso of Substance Abuse
DJ Gargamel Watts & DJ Krye
Time Zone
Poppin Piere
Queen Boogaloo
MC's Tha Union Station
MC's Los Rieles
Style Elements
Airforce Crew
LA Breakers
Floor Patrol
UTU Familia Mexicali
Bboy Iceman & Bboy Don, Bgirl Deya Deyis
Funny Bone Crew
Phantom Poppers
LiL Coco & HannaPop
Popper Nikko
DJ Phantom G
Graffiti Art by HEX

1982 - 2022
40th Anniversary of Stage Of The Arts, Inc.

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38th Anniversary OG Radiotron 2021

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38th Anniversary OG RADIOTRON: Peace, Love, Unity and Fun


"When we say the word hip-hop, we are talking about, breaking, EMCeeing, graffiti writing, deejaying. These are called the the four core elements of hip-hop. The reason why we do breaking, emceeing, graffiti writing, deejaying is to cause peace, love, unity and safely having fun." -KRS One


The historic building was demolished long ago, but the legacy of the Hip Hop youth center prevailed in those kids. Thirty-eigth years later we gather to celebrate the anniversary of "Radiotron" and to learn the history of Hip Hop culture in L.A. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5pcqZN184c

A presentation of Stage Of The Arts, Inc. and Generation Hip Hop Global. The Annual OG.Radiotron Festival has been an outdoor festival gathering of thousands at the Levitt Pavillion bandshell of MacArthur Park. Due to the Covid-19 pandemia our 2021 OG.Radiotron became a digital event share by Generation Hip Hop Global chapters in 60 countries .


Saturday 8 PM June 19th, 2021; Honoring 38th celebration of the Radiotron Youth Center that started in 1983 this urban Arts movement still evolving in our neighborhoods. The digital event will remain posted online after premiered.


Streaming free to the general public from


https://www.facebook.com/StageOfTheArts and



Radiotron show Host Carmelo Alvarez, Ashley and Monique / The Cloaks with Awol One & Gel Roc / Bboys Willpower, Kujo & Hazze / Poppin Nikko / DJ Mixmaster D / MCs Tha Union Station / MC Phoenix of HUEHUETLATOLLI / Radiotron Graff Artist by Zuco and Thunder. International Hi Hop artists by GHHG... and more.

Produced by Carmelo Alvarez


Stage Of The Arts, Inc. was founded 1982 and presented performing arts at an storefront theater by Bonny Brae Street in MacArthur Park area. The Radiotron Club was develop in the neighborhood summer 1983, when performer storyteller Carmelo Alvarez (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAh8U0Zzw_w) came back from New York to his MacArthur Park neighborhood.

Carmelo became a youth cultural advocate, and lead Radiotron to procure their own building: The Radiotron Youth Cultural Center by Park View Street, where the legacy of popping and graffiti art exploded into the breakdancing fever of Hip Hop decades.

38th OG RADIOTRON is made possible in part by a grant from the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs.

http://www.stageofthearts.info greenstagealliance@gmail.com



37th Anniversary Radiotron 2020

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Radiotron 2020

36th RADIOTRON is made possible in part by a grant from the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs


36th Anniversary Radiotron 2019


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36th RADIOTRON is made possible in part by a grant from the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs, and the Mortimer and Mimi Levitt Foundation.

Free Los Tres


35th Anniversary Radiotron 2018

Radiotron 2018


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 · Hosted by RED67 & Stage Of The Arts, Inc.


Mark your calendars...It's a Dia De Los Muertos Celebration, in which we focus our prayers and remembrance to our dearly departed, as they journey through their spiritual quest. 


33th Anniversary Radiotron 2016


33 OG Radiotron Festival

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31th Anniversary


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Stage of the Arts Presents World Premiere Solo Theater


...the amazing trip through time and music, from Union Station to the roots of Los Angeles hip-hop... to wake up one day in the middle of your own performance and discover that you may be in the wrong show.

NOT MY SHOW play, coming to Little Casa 0101 on November 2013

Written and Performed
Jessica Johnson

NOVEMBER 15TH & 16TH, 2013 8pm
NOVEMBER 17TH, 2013 Sunday 5pm

2009 E. First Street, Los Angeles CA 90033
Tickets @casa0101.org, 323-263-7684, or www.casa0101.org

Opening Night Benefit for "Politics of Youth Culture" Film.


30th Anniversary


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June 15th, 2012 at
2102 E. FIRST ST. LOS ANGELES , CA 90033

$10 general admission (limited seating)
Reservations recommended (323) 662-3750
* Performance start promptly at 10 pm
Follow by
* Music by guest start artist Fernando Fraustro
* Your ticket also admit you to
the opening party for the Stage Of The Arts Studio
off 1st. St. (host bar)

Carmelo Alvarez, Producer

The following video is part of the original multidisciplinary performance of Dark Year of the Penguin premiered at Downtown LIVES, presented by Downtown Arts Development Association (DADA) December 2 to 19, 1993. Part of Dark City Ligths multimedia exhibit curated by Javier Granados.

The video is edited mixing the DADA performance with voice and images from the Nov. 1993 recital by the author at Granados Gallery accompanied by trovador Alexis Navarro.



You're invited:
East Hollywood Neighborhood Council &
Los Angeles Public Library Cahuenga Branch

William Saroyan: A Century of Saroyanesque

An Event Celebrating the Centennial of
Los Angeles Public Library Cahuenga Branch
4591 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90029
Saturday, Nov 1, 2008, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


About us

Stage Of The Arts, Inc. is a grassroots arts and humanities organization, a non-for profit 501 (c) (3) California Educational corporation founded June 15, 1982 in the MacArthur-Echo Park neighborhood.
Arts education and cultural activities are our working tools to promote social change and community gathering in the City of Los Angeles. We promotes and develop multiethnic, international arts and cultural awareness...


For immediate release


GREEN STAGE is an ecological educational service for California events advocating for plans to implementing ZERO WASTE EVENTS and conducting a preliminary research during 2006 for Latino leadership in composting and use of biodegradable greenware at Los Angeles festivals and public events by promoting urban greening at City, County and State Parks.
GREEN STAGE develops a complete ARTS & CULTURAL EVENTS service, from obtaining a Use Permit to set up to code canopies and sanitary facilities to stage a public event. Our key point is educating food vendors and the general public to use biodegradable greenware and to bring in a professional waste management, compost and recycling operation.
Our goal at the National Latino Congreso was passing a RESOLUTION to endorse ZERO WASTE at public events. Click here for read the Green Stage Resolution


Please, join us at Satya Yuga

July 2, 2006

The Old Man and the Sea.Multimedia presentation.

Desde Hollywood
The TV program with Canal 22nternational of Mexico





Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority


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